57% of Americans want masks on planes and public transportation

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57% of U.S. adults say travelers on flights and public transportation should wear masks. 42% say tourists shouldn’t be required to wear masks.

A federal judge in Florida ruled down the U.S. mask mandate in April. The DOJ is appealing the verdict, and the CDC recommends individuals continue to wear masks. Most airlines and businesses leave mask-wearing optional for now.

Partisans disagree on how to handle the coronavirus outbreak, as is often the case. 8% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents agree tourists should wear masks. Republicans and Republican leaners agree that travelers shouldn’t wear masks (71%).

66% of U.S. people who’ve received a COVID-19 vaccine agree masks should be compulsory on planes and public transportation. 25% of non-COVID-19 vaccine recipients say masks should be compulsory. There are partisan divides even among the unvaccinated. 60% of unvaccinated Democrats think masks should be mandatory on aircraft and public transit, compared to 12% of unvaccinated Republicans.

In a related question, Americans are less likely to claim they’ve worn a mask in public than they were early in the outbreak, as other polls have found.

30% said they’ve worn a mask at stores and companies all or most of the past month. 23% say they do this sometimes, while 44% say they never or rarely do.

61% of U.S. adults stated they wore a mask inside stores and workplaces all or most of the time in January.

Democrats are more likely than Republicans to wear a mask at stores and companies (42% to 14%).

Mask-wearing among U.S. adults has declined in recent months, yet few are disturbed when stores or businesses enforce it. About a third (32%) say it annoys them a lot or some when retailers and companies require a mask for service. Since November 2020, fewer adults are troubled with business mask regulations.

Separately, fewer Americans believe it upsets them when others don’t wear masks in public.

37% of respondents say it bothers them a lot or some when strangers don’t wear masks; 63% say it doesn’t affect them much or at all. Before COVID-19 vaccines were widely accessible, 72% stated it upset them when individuals around them didn’t wear a mask. Democrats are far more likely than Republicans to be concerned by others around them not wearing masks, whereas Republicans are far more likely than Democrats to be bothered by stores requiring masks.

A high majority of Americans are receptive to wearing a mask to treat a cold or the flu, according to a recent survey.

71% of Americans believe they would use a mask if they had a cold or flu, while 27% say they wouldn’t.

Most Democrats said they’d wear a mask if they had a cold or flu in public (85%). 53% of Republicans think they would probably wear a mask.

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