How to Monetise a YouTube Channel Using Fiverr (2022)

How to make a Fiverr Gig Ranking in 2022 (for Beginners)

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It’s no secret now we know that youtubers can make an insane amount of money off of youtube ad revenue. I’ve seen certain channels release their ad revenues showing the viewers how much money they’re actually making, and some channels are making over a hundred thousand dollars each and every single month. in this article I’m going to see if we can pay people on Fiverr to promote a youtube videos and channel, to get to the infamous 1 000 subscribers and 4 000 hours of watch time to unleash and monetize our youtube channels to finally put ads on it and start making that sweet youtube money.

In this article, I’m gonna be trying to monetize a test youtube channel using a Fiverr Gig.

Now I’m on the Fiverr website and you can tell here, when you search youtube watch hours you get quite a bit of different listings come up over 1100. And even when you type in youtube subscribers you get even more coming in at almost 2 400 search results. In this article, I’m going to do two different kind of tests:

First, I want to do a really cheap one, you know what’s the cheapest way I can buy subscribers and watch hours, then if that fails I’m going to get the big guns out and really up our budget here, and see how much it actually takes to buy the necessary thresholds of a 2000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time in order to get monetized. So I’m going to see how much money that really costs, I’m just going to dig through these different listings in Fiverr, and find one that’s worth good value and also is a good thing for my buck and hopefully I don’t get scammed.

So after doing some digging here in Fiverr, I found a service that seems relatively decent

I will do super-fast organic youtube video channel promotion and marketing with results, It sounds pretty good, it says in the description, they’re going to do results within a 10 million relevant engaged audience, but it really doesn’t give any stats like, what I can expect so I actually messaged the guy running this gig to know how many subscribers can I expect to get, if I actually buy it service, then he sent me quite a few different responses, so I just officially bought our first service here for 11 dollars, I’m going to  see what I actually get from this, how many subscribers, how many more views and it’s going take two days to actually get those views and subscribers, so I’ll be back within that time.
Few weeks later, now I finally got the results in and as you can see right here, I did get an increase in subscribers, I got all the way up to 107 subscribers within one day, but literally the next day we lost most of them and then the following day, I basically lost all of them so in total we only gained about 6 subscribers.

And the views don’t really look like they even increase from previous times.

And same with the watch hours.

So overall, I would say that this purchase on Fiverr was pretty much a big failure.

At this point we figured why not give another chance to another cheap one for the services for youtube on Fiverr, so I have this one right here and overall this one looks a lot better than the previous service that we purchased, because there’s a lot more reviews and a lot better reviews, so we figured why not give this one a chance and we ended up purchasing it and hopefully we actually get some real results.

So fast forward, a few weeks later after we purchased it, and I go to our subscribers and literally the same thing happened, I have a jump and spike within one day but then literally the next day we lose all the subscribers and as you can tell right here, I basically lost all the subscribers that I gained.

if you go to the watch hours, there’s really no impact on the graph basically everything looks the same.

Then views there’s a slight increase, but we were expecting thousands or if not tens of thousands more reviews.

So in total this is another failure.  

So at this point, I figured that none of the cheap services from the 5$ to 25$ range on Fiverr were really going to help out our youtube channel, so I figured why not pony up some real money and spend several hundred dollars to test this theory out, and see if I could actually monetize our youtube channel, and that’s exactly what I did after searching long and hard, I ended up finding a service that seemed pretty legit and it looked like it was actually going to do what I said it was going to do and end up paying 231 $f or it.

Fast forward a few months later and I can see the results from our third purchase here on Fiverr, so if I go to the subscribers I can see the first two purchases I have that huge increase and then I have a dramatic decrease in the subscribers, basically saying that I didn’t gain any real subscribers, but luckily on this third purchase I had the huge spike in subscribers, and then literally a few weeks later there’s no drop off, there’s no subscribers deleted or removed, and that’s why I wanted to make this article to make sure that the subscribers were actually staying.

And also with their watch hours, I do have that huge increase in hours, but after that I don’t have a big decrease so at this point it looked like, I’m on track to get monetized.

I already reached the 1000 subscribers and I was super close to that 4 000 hours of watch time.

But that’s when I received this email from Fiverr, saying that my order was canceled, I was super confused, so I went to Fiverr right away to check out our order and it said our order was cancelled, and it also said that the seller was kicked off of fiverr, so I don’t really know why or if it had to do with my order, but this seller was no longer active on Fiverr and I did receive a message saying that I would be refunded fully for the service that I paid for.

At this point we’re so close to getting this channel monetized, we’re only 160 hours of watch time away from being able to monetize and put ads on this channel, so with that I went ahead and looked for yet again a fourth service that we could purchase for watch time hours on Fiverr, and I ended up finding one and went ahead and purchased it.

Several weeks later, we finally achieved the over 4 000 hours of watch time which meant that goal was completed.

And also we already hit at least a thousand subscribers and that meant that we were able to finally apply for the youtube partnership program for this youtube channel.

But there was one major concern in a major red flag if you went to the watch time hours on this channel. It had crazy watch time averages anywhere from about like 50 minutes per video all the way up to several hours per video, if you know anything about youtube a typical channel might have anywhere from a minute to five minutes of watch time per video, so I thought this would automatically get flagged in youtube and they would potentially delete this account, but even with that major concern, I went ahead and applied for the youtube partnership program, and waited a few days later I actually received this email from youtube, just saying that we got accepted to the youtube partnership program.

I was super excited and really surprised, because I thought this account would actually get deleted or flagged but, surprisingly it didn’t and everything passed. Once I was accepted I right away put ads on all my videos and made sure to put mid-roll ads on just to make sure to get that sweet sweet youtube money.

So overall and the big question is, would I recommend people to do this and pay people on Fiverr in order to monetize their youtube channel? and the answer is: it depends. I hate saying that but it truly does depend on the situation, if you’re someone who’s planning on doing youtube long term, I would recommend to stay away from this, I would always be worried in the back of my mind that youtube might notice this and flag it, and potentially delete your channel in the future, and I personally wouldn’t want to put all those hours into building up a channel just to have youtube delete it or put a strike against it. But on the flip side, I would recommend it to people who may be looking to do another source of the income and they want youtube to be it. I know if I personally would have monetized my channel faster, maybe I would have saved myself a year or two of the process of building up my videos in order to get monetized with my previous youtube channels. And in the meantime maybe in that year too, I could have made a substantial amount of money and also once you get your youtube channel monetized, there seems to be an increase in your views just overall because now youtube is making money from showing more people your reviews, so that’s also one thing to consider.

What I’d say for this video, we did prove that you could actually pay people on Fiverr to monetize a youtube channel, which is just mind-blowing to me because I literally didn’t think there was any shortcuts in order to monetize a youtube channel.

Disclosure: I may receive affiliate compensation for some of the links below at no cost to you. This site is not intending to provide financial advice. This is for entertainment only.

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