What Does Instagram Satats Show For Marketers

What Does Instagram Satats Show For Marketers

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Who are the one billion people who use Instagram on a daily basis? For clever marketers, knowing the demographics of Instagram is crucial.

Sure, you know who uses Instagram: your best friend, your employer, your uncle, and the girl who sat next to you in physics class. After all, when you navigate through the app, you see their sunset photos every day. 

However, in order to truly comprehend Instagram demographics, social media marketers must look beyond their personal feeds and dig into the cold, hard data. Every month, over a billion individuals use Instagram, making it a worldwide buffet of users. And knowing who they are, where they come from, and what they do is crucial to developing a solid social marketing plan that will increase interaction.

Continue reading to learn more about who is posting, scrolling, like, and sharing on the world’s second-most-downloaded app.

To fully comprehend Instagram user demographics, it’s necessary to first examine Instagram age demographics. Is TikTok still as teen-focused as it once was, or has it snatched the attention of the newest generation of social media users and placed it in the hands of tech-savvy grandmothers?

Here’s how Instagram users are broken down by age:

  • 13-17 years old: 8.5%
  • 18-24 years old: 30.1%
  • 25-34 years old: 31.5%
  • 35-44 years old: 16.1%
  • 45-54 years old: 8%
  • 55-64 years old: 3.6%
  • 65 years old and up: 2.1%

What’s the takeaway? By 2022, the majority of Instagram’s users will be Millennials or Gen Z.

In fact, Instagram is Gen Z’s preferred social media network. Instagram is preferred by global internet users aged 16 to 24 years old above other social media platforms, even surpassing TikTok. If you’re wanting to target that demographic (hello, youngsters! ), Instagram appears to be the place to be.

That’s not to say there aren’t any elderly Instagram users: roughly 13% of the app’s population is 45 and up. However, if your target market comprises Baby Boomers, Instagram may not be the best location to reach out to them. You’d be better suited communicating with this group through a different way. Refresh your Facebook marketing knowledge.

One thing to keep in mind regarding Gen Xers: they’re the app’s fastest-growing demographic. The number of men aged 55 to 64 who use Instagram increased by 63.6 percent last year. Given that Gen X is a generation associated with irony, it’s a lot of growth on a platform built to show off.  

Are you concerned about users who are even younger? According to a 2018 poll, 15 percent of adolescents said Instagram is the app they use the most. (On the other hand, 35% say Snapchat is their favorite social media network, while 32% say Youtube is their favorite.)

According to a Pew Research Center research, 11% of American parents claim their 9-11-year-old children use Instagram. “How is it even possible?” you might question aloud. “Isn’t it true that Instagram account holders must be at least 13 years old?” True, however parents or guardians can manage accounts for younger users, which is great news if you want to wow some tweens with your engaging Instagram material.

1. Gender demographics on Instagram

Instagram’s gender balance is uncommon among social media platforms; although Twitter and Facebook lean significantly toward male users, Instagram keeps things virtually evenly divided (hello, ladies!).

The ratio of male to female users is quite equal, with total male users (50.7 percent) slightly edging out total female users (49.3%) by a hair. (However, this isn’t true in every age group; for example, women outnumber males among users aged 35 and higher.)

Instagram, on the other hand, added the ability to declare preferred pronouns in profiles in May 2021, which might be an indication that additional gender options would be available in the data soon. (Though you never know what the Insta HQ crew will come up with next.) Do you remember when they reinstated chronological feeds? You maniacs, make up your minds!)

2. Demographics of Instagram users by location

India, the United States, Brazil, Indonesia, and Russia are the top nations and territories with the greatest Instagram audiences in terms of advertising reach.

That’s right: India has overtaken the United States as the app’s leader after years of dominance.

What a turn of events! Instagram is clearly the social channel for marketers trying to reach an engaged Indian audience. Congratulations, and we wish you a lifetime of happiness together.

India has over 230 million users and is Instagram’s fastest-growing market, with a 16 percent quarter-over-quarter increase in audience.

The United States is ranked second with a reach of 159,750,000. However, despite being the fourth most popular social media network in the country, Instagram is not a big news source for Americans. While 40% of Americans have used Instagram, barely one out of every ten individuals in the United States uses the app to keep up with current events on a daily basis, a considerably smaller percentage than those who obtain their news via Facebook or YouTube.

It’s best to keep things light and new if you’re trying to connect with a US audience. People come to this site for amusement, not news.

Other spectacular statistics are developing elsewhere in the world. Brunei has the biggest population reach, with 92 percent of its citizens using the app. (Guam and the Cayman Islands, respectively, come in second and third.)

3. Income demographics on Instagram

The most recent data we have on this is from 2018, so it’s possible that things have changed in the last few years, but according to Statista, only 44% of households with an annual income of less than $30,000 use Instagram, whereas households with an annual income of more than $100,000 are 60% more likely to use the app.

What’s the takeaway? Instagram users come from all walks of life (at least in the United States), although they are significantly more likely to come from higher-income households. This makes it an excellent platform for Ecommerce and sales, so polish your social media calls to action and think about experimenting with Instagram Shopping.

4. Instagram’s demographics for education

Are your hot, hot Instagram images causing people to fan themselves with their diplomas? It’s quite possible. In February 2019, 43 percent of Instagram users had a college diploma, with another 37 percent having some college education.

Only 33% of Instagram users said they had a high school diploma or less. On the whole, we’re dealing with a well-educated group of users on this app. You’ve come to the perfect place if targeting this sort of audience is an important part of your social media marketing plan.

5. Instagram demographics by area

It turns out that farmers aren’t big fans of the ‘Gram. It’s a pity, because I’d want to see more farm animals in my newsfeed.

In all seriousness, according to Pew Research Center, Instagram has a larger market reach in urban and suburban areas than in rural areas. So, if you’re trying to reach out to Farmer Brown with your brand’s new overall designs, you might be better off using Facebook.

For Instagram, the regional breakdown is as follows for U.S. adults:

  • 45% of urbanites have used the app
  • 41% of suburbanites have used the app
  • 25% of rural residents have used the app

6. Demographics who are interested in Instagram

People use Instagram to explore their passions, regardless of their Instagram demography. According to Facebook-commissioned study, 91 percent of respondents asked indicate they use Instagram to follow an interest. It’s 98 percent in India.

According to the study, the top Instagram hobbies are travel (45%), music (44%), and food and drink (43%). People in India, bucking the trend, prioritize technology as a high priority. Film is among the top three in Argentina, Brazil, Korea, and Turkey. Food, travel, fashion, beauty, and, predictably, parenthood are the top five hobbies among UK parents.

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